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What’s in a Name? Maybe Your B2B Blog’s Search Engine Ranking

Date posted: October 14, 2013

In Romeo and Juliet,
the bard posed the famous question above. And while Juliet disparaged the importance of names in her response, those doing Internet marketing might find a different answer a little sweeter. Turns out that putting a name with a B2B blog post can increase your search engine ranking.

A recent Forbes article covers the advantages of using Google’s Authorship and Author Rank for business purposes. These features are part of Google’s Google Plus social media network. Notes Forbes:

One of the most important features of Google Plus is its authorship system. The idea is that an author can build rank and trust (called Author Rank) based on the content they write all over the web. Google already has a way to determine your expertise at those subjects and it is only getting smarter in how it ranks authors and their content. For instance, if your content is constantly +1’ed and shared, it will be a strong signal that the content you create is of high quality and offers plenty of value.

The more quality content you publish online, the more likely you are to be ranked high by Google and considered an authority in your subject area.

Google Authorship also gives authors a way to protect their content. Authors that have set up
Google Authorship correctly will receive some benefits in the search engine
result pages as well. Google tends to rank these types of articles much higher
than if they did not have proper authorship markup.

From a business point of view, the value here is legitimacy. And for companies looking to establish trust with their customer base, it’s hard to place a value on how important that is.

Content marketing agency Brafton also points to how this benefits content writers: “It improves content writers’ SEO presence and could change how articles rank online in the future. Savvy brands must adapt their content marketing strategies to include Authorship markup, as the technology not only comes with new SEO benefits but also builds audience trust through transparency.”

As business-to-business organizations put increased resources into blogs and other forms of social media, establishing acknowledged authorities within their ranks is an advantage, as is using outside resources who have earned such status.

“Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

If he were blogging, he’d be smart to be adding a byline to his thoughts. From a marketing perspective, it could be a tragedy if he didn’t.