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What’s Better Than Top-of-Mind? Marketers Read This and Find Out

Date posted: June 11, 2013

A recent post by Christopher Penn on the Shift Communications blog got me thinking about the phrase “top-of-mind.” In today’s frenetic, information-sated, continually distracting world, it seems that the mere pace and quantity of things addressed at us makes the top-of-mind a rather tenuous place. So many things are aimed at the top of our minds that we’ve developed a habit of brushing them off as soon as they land. It’s somewhere deeper that things take hold.

Penn points out the futility of top-of-mind bombardment, noting that daily press releases or e-mail blasts are quite successful in getting yourself ignored, and that what really takes hold in the mind is something of value.

I agree.

Embedding yourself in the minds of customers is less a matter of frequency than fit: if, when you speak, you say something worth retaining, something that the reader or listener finds valuable, they’ll remember the source of that information and in all likelihood continue to check that source for more of the same.

It’s hard to resist the urge to communicate constantly in an age where messages come from every imaginable angle, but it might be good to do so. Speak when you have something valuable to say. Or pass along something valuable that’s established itself deep in your mind.

This is what friends do, and having your customers reach that status is what everyone is hoping to achieve.