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What Haven’t I Written About

Date posted: January 7, 2011

I’m often asked by prospective clients if I’ve ever written about X, Y, or Z.

Here is a small sample of the subjects I’ve tackled during the past 20 years as a technology and business journalist and ghostwriter:

supply chain management, enterprise computing, 3D modeling, cloud computing, social networking, food processing, fuel cells, EMI, OEE, drug discovery, aerospace, disaster recovery, industrial safety, Google fiber initiative, advanced scheduling, industrial GHG solutions, virtualization, asset management, k12 funding, workflow mapping, quality management, alarm management, industrial chemicals, renewable energy, machine guarding, videoconferencing, business intelligence, automotive, Cisco networking, Life Sciences, CMS, CRM, robotic welding, oil & gas, data collection, data mining, data translation, data centers, industrial printers, Internet security, HTML5, distance learning, enterprise risk assurance, ERP, MRP, document management, PLCs, gearboxes, antennas, medical devices, process monitoring, simulation, IT, Java, Windows, SixSigma, XML, middleware, PKI security, collaboration, VoIP, broadband, warehouse management, business forecasting, workforce management, human resource management, help desks, IR wireless networks, CAD/CAM, robotics, AGVs, test & measurement equipment, onboarding, data leakage, RFID, k12 curriculum software, and much more.

 So, have I written about X, Y, and Z. Yes. And A, B, C, too.