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The Enabling Power of Social Business

Date posted: January 3, 2014

Social media and collaborative tools are becoming increasingly commonplace in B2B and B2C business alike. In an interesting post on business2community.com, Michael Brito makes a strong case for developing social business strategies that can stand the test of time and enable better content strategy, smarter marketing, integrated communities and more effective customer relationships.

What really caught our eye was the analysis of social business as an enabler, using three pillars of people, process and technology to achieve positive business outcomes. From a social business perspective, the essential strategic elements look like this:


  • Behavior Change
  • Cross Silo Collaboration
  • Executive Support & Participation
  • Organizational Models
  • Employee & Partner Participation


  • Social Media Policies
  • Technology Integration
  • Customer Support & Crisis Workflows
  • Measurement Framework
  • Global & Enterprise Expansion


  • Online Monitoring
  • Analytics Platform
  • Internal Collaboration
  • Community Platform Selection
  • Social CRM/Content Publishing

With these pillars in place, businesses can expect to garner positive business outcomes including deeper customer engagement, more effective and relevant content, smarter marketing aligned to the business, integrated and converged media, effective content operations and governance, and an integrated community strategy.

As Brito notes, “the external marketplace isn’t going to change, slow down and let you catch up just because you aren’t ready for it. Your business is the one that has to change. In order for you to reach consumers with your value message, you need to manufacture a content organization where you are creating, curating and aggregating relevant content – at the right time, in the right channel and to the right customer. And your brand story must be consistent everywhere.”

This supports much of what we’ve been writing about on this blog, and it seems to us sound advice. The business world is increasingly social; and the sooner businesses develop strategies to reflect that fact, the faster they’ll reap the business outcomes they’re looking to achieve.