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Social Media Content Soars as B2B Marketing Priority

Date posted: February 13, 2015

Social media marketing has left long behind the idea that it’s the exclusive domain of the younger generation. What it is is central to today’s B2B marketing strategy.

An article on TechWeek Europe puts this into breathtaking focus, stating that social marketing technology will be the number one priority for chief marketing officers (CMOs) until the end of the decade. They cite a recent report from The Economist, which says the next three to five years will see a surge in investment by CMOs in technology, and social is where a good part of that investment will be made: “More than 80 percent of marketers plan on using technology to engage customers over the next five years – and it’s social marketing where they’re going to invest most heavily.”

This may reflect unhappiness with the current situation, as only 30% of the study’s respondents “strongly agree” with the statement that they are currently using technology to engage customers.

Expect that to change.

Following investment in social marketing, CMOs cited mobile marketing, analytics, and then email marketing to follow as priorities. Predictive analytics is a particularly hot area, as evidenced by Microsoft’s recent purchase of Revolution Analytics.

In the meantime, expect Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other sundry social networks to take a more prominent place in the B2B marketing boardroom. Nothing is more indicative of the times.