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Podcasts Focus on Profoundly Important Topics to Humanity

Date posted: November 5, 2011

Over the course of the last 18 months, I've recording nearly 40 podcasts for SRI International, a world-leading independent, nonprofit scientific research institute. The podcasts cover a myriad of critically important topics, from bioinformatics to hydrogen safety to education reform. I'm grateful for the opportunity that this world-class research institution has provided, and I'm excited to write, host, and produce a show–available to a worldwide audience–that focuses on today's most important issues.

As I prepare for each podcast, I reflect on  the work of Milt Rosenberg, the host of Extension 720 on WGN. I realize SRI's short podcasts can't compare to Milt's epic two-hour shows, but the mission of these shows is very much in keeping with his pioneering vision. The SRI podcasts call on the talents of the researchers and scientists at SRI who are tackling some of society’s biggest challenges.

I look forward to creating even more SRI podcasts in 2012.