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Leveraging Multiple Uses from Single B2B Blog Post Content

Date posted: November 13, 2012

In another life, I collect old paper. My efforts in this hobby have underscored the old maxim that “one man's trash is another man's treasure,” but also have served as reminder that things set aside or forgotten may prove valuable when revisited. This is a lesson B2B marketers would do well to mind.

In a recent Forbes article, Randall Rozin, global director of brand management and marketing communications at Dow Corning, is quoted as saying:

marketers can derive multiple uses from a single piece of content.

For B2B marketers constantly seeking content, reusing content in different forms can ease the stress of content demand and maximize asset value.

I see this firsthand on a regular basis; for example:

  • The text of videos or webinars can be leveraged into white papers.
  • White papers can yield a series of blog posts or the basis for a feature article.
  • A sales or research presentation may lead to a compelling podcast.
  • An on and on and on

The point is that most organizations have content assets they have relegated to the outbox or checked off the to-do list which can be further leveraged to good effect. These assets are more than ephemeral; their useful life that has been extended by the importance of content in today’s B2B marketing.

That importance is growing.

The Forbes article cites a study of 440 B2b marketers conducted by B2B Magazine, in which content marketing was identified as the most important tool for generating leads. Not surprisingly, two-thirds of that group indicates they will be ‘fully’ or ‘very’ engaged in content marketing by next year— a 100% increase over the current year.

The top methods being used for content marketing by the group were, in order, social media, articles, e-newsletters, white papers, blogs and case studies.

However you’re pushing B2B blog content into the market, be advised to look at what’s around the office as you search for good ideas. Take it from an old paper collector—what you’re seeking may be found in unexpected places, and often so close at hand it will surprise you.