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Is BPM the next must have software for business?

Date posted: December 15, 2015

What’s the next must have software category for B2B businesses. There’s a lot of hype in the enterprise software space. Is BPM the next “must have” software? Ultimus Software thinks so. In a recent white paper, the Cary, NC-based maker of BPM software makes a pretty strong case. Ultimus asserts:

BPM is the natural choice to be the next must have software category. As with CRM and ERP, it takes advantage of enhancements to the computing infrastructure to address real business problems. Unlike CRM and ERP, it moves beyond the functional silo approach to enable businesses to work across departmental, user, and organizational boundaries. It builds on the gains we have already achieved in individual user and departmental productivity, extending them into an organizational context.

Ultimus points out what most industry observers already know: “Customers won’t tolerate slow response times, bad service, or incomplete information. Businesses can’t afford system deployments that take years to implement and years to deliver results. At the same time, organizations have learned more about their customers and processes than ever before.”

It is well documented online and in the business press that companies have learned there are pitfalls to implementing workflow and integration solutions in stovepipes with limited process awareness. But does this combination of business needs and implementation experience sets the stage for BPM?

“Perfectly,” according to Ultimus.

The white paper concludes, “By helping companies model, automate, manage, and optimize their business processes, BPM provides the framework for sustainable competitive advantage. Picture the impact of being able to respond to customers in days rather than weeks—and respond with more complete, more accurate information, while spending less than your competitors. That is exactly what BPM delivers.”

What do you think is the next must have software for business? Is it BPM or something else?