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How to Create Engaging Content

Date posted: July 8, 2009

According to a post on Duct Tape Marketing, when social media experts gather to discuss how to create momentum for a Web site, they look to its content. There's a lot of talk about the importance of educational content, especially for business sites looking to capture an audience. Duct Tapes' …true engagement, engagement that leads to
customers and partners, is created with content."

Engaging Content

Here's the dirty little secret: a lot of content for Web sites is farmed out to penny-a-word, non-native English writers on sites such as guru, rent-a-coder, get-a-freelancer, etc. Everyone is looking for a magic bullet, preferably on the cheap, when it comes to content. And it shows. If engaging, "sticky" content is the key to driving traffic and captivating an audience, it can't be cobbled together for a cheap buck. There's no magic fairy dust to sprinkle on weak content that turns it into gold. Lots and lots of cheaply produced content doesn't lead to engagement with an audience. It only leads to high bounce rates.

Quality Writing

The best content is produced by those most passionate and closest to the subject at hand. In a small business, this is the owner. However, it's not realistic or practical for an owner, product evangelist, or C-level manager to churn out copy for the company Web site or social networking campaign–no more than it would be for that person to prepare the taxes or wire the office security system. And no CEO would turn over his company's taxes or security to an unqualified person–no matter how cheap they're willing to work.

If engaging content is the key to building valuable and essential traffic for a corporate Web site or blog, hire a writer that can bring the same passion and understanding to the project as the founder of the company would if copy writing was their trade. It'll cost more than a penny a word, but the resulting engagement with your key audiences will more than make up the difference in cost.