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How B2B Businesses Blogs Can Leverage Pinterest

Date posted: March 23, 2012

I write for several B2B company blogs. One of the biggest challenges my clients currently face is how to use the popular virtual pinboard, Pinterest, as a marketing channel when the majority of their posts lack visual content.

The Infographic Solution

Infographics are the rage right now. And they are doing very well on Pinterest. Lately, I've been recommending that my clients turn industry data into easily visualized infographics and place them in relevant blog posts. And to do so before competitors beat them to it.

Excel with Data Charts

I'm also recommending that my clients build simple data charts in Excel for use in blog posts.

Pinners (the person who does the sharing on Pinterest) can pin these charts to their pinboards on Pinterest. The key to success with charts is making sure they contain a clear headline in the image to help facilitate the pinning process.

Printerest Interest

As B2B companies make the move to business blogging, it is critical that they understand how to leverage emerging, visual-based social networking platforms such as Pinterest if they are going to get the most from their blogging efforts.