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Ghost Blogging for ERP Software Leader

Date posted: November 2, 2011

I've just begun an open-ended engagement to blog for one of the world's leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suppliers.

The company wisely decided to leverage my 20+ years of experience covering ERP and other enterprise-wide software for a myriad of industry publications. Instead of going the conventional route–hiring an inexperienced, cheap freelance blogger, possibly based overseas–this ERP leader decided to invest in someone with a deep reservoir of industry knowledge. The investment will pay off handsomely because search engines such as Google will reward this company by moving them up in search engine results rankings.

Content, after all, is king. And the content I will produce for this blog will not only be optimized for search engines, it will be of a quality and depth that will attract the type of readership the company seeks.

I look forward to generating fresh content for this company's blog each month, and I'm eager to help grow their traffic and improve their search rankings. Because of their foresight, this corporate blog will contain the type of content that readers will want to consume and act upon–not the drivel many companies churn out on the cheap to fill space.