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Digital Marketing’s 10 Key Statistics

Date posted: June 25, 2013

In a recent post, I looked at the need for new measures of assessing the performance of digital marketing. A recent post on business2community.com lists a number of metrics regarding the use of digital marketing— what’s working, what isn’t, where the challenges lie, from both marketer and consumer perspectives. It’s worth considering these numbers and what they say about the current landscape of digital marketing:

1. 72% of marketers see the importance of online personalization but don’t know how to incorporate it.

2. 66% of marketers say, as a marketing channel, email delivers “excellent” or “good” ROI.

3. 60% of B2B marketers cite lead generation as their biggest challenge.

4. 57% of marketers believe that the biggest benefit of big data is greater conversion rates.

5. 57% of U.S. smartphone users see at least one mobile ad a day.

6. 54% of marketers who have implemented Web personalization generated positive ROI within months of implementation.

7. 50% of businesses will use marketing automation by 2015.

8. 40.5% of consumers said they would rather see targeted ads that reflect their interests rather than random ads.

9. 30% of marketers blame disparate data sources as the primary reason they struggle to gain insight from customer data.

10. 19.5% of global advertising expenditure in 2012 came from online ad spending.

Consumers with multiple digital devices spent twice as much time following event coverage than consumers with one device.

Mobility, big data, and unified data— all the hot topics in enterprise communications are having an impact on digital marketing. Which of them are having the greatest impact on your digital marketing efforts?