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Dave Navarro Explains How to Network with A-List Bloggers

Date posted: October 6, 2009

One of the ways Dave Navarro recommends networking with A-list bloggers like himself is promoting other people's work. And that's exactly what I'm going to do by plugging Dave's excellent "how to" on networking with A-list bloggers, which he posted today on his Launch Coach blog. (I'm a long-time subscriber to his RSS feed.)

And I'm not mentioning this to get brownie points from Dave (a deadly sin that Dave points out in his post). I honestly felt his tutorial serves as the best advice I've read on networking with the cream of the Internet blogging crop. Dave even goes so far as to offer a free download workbook on the topic for those wanting worksheets and other goodies.

What I like most about Dave's post is he doesn't sugar coat the hard work involved in reaching A-listers. It's hard work, but, if you follow Dave's directions carefully, I believe it will pay huge dividends for your blog.

Of course, for many small companies, taking the time to follow Dave's long list of "to dos" would be too laborious a chore. So, of course, there are those, like myself, who work on behalf of companies to execute networking and social media outreach plans like the one Dave recommends. These actions, similar to the ones PR people have taken with journalists for more than a century, are not easy or cheap. However, if you're able to gain entry into the favor of an A-lister, you'll likely find yourself the recipient of a goldmine worth of traffic to you blog or Web site. For example, a blogger friend of mine with a very niche site has become a favorite of the folks at Boing Boing. Each time Boing Boing mentions one of his posts, his traffic goes from a few hundred visitors to tens of thousands overnight. His networking with the Boing Boingers has certainly paid off handsomely for him. I'm sure if you follow Dave's advice, you too may find tens of thousands of new visitors knocking at your blog or corporate Web site's front door.