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B2B Marketers Must Prepare for The Internet of Things

Date posted: June 5, 2013

No ideas but in things…

— William Carlos Williams

Poets are usually ahead of the game. When ol’ Doc Williams penned the above line in Patterson, he was speaking to poetic imagination. One wonders what he would have thought of the Internet of Things, where virtually everything speaks to us via transmission of data. So much depends upon a world of things well beyond the red wheelbarrow.

Kevin Ashton at MIT’s Auto-ID Lab first coined “The Internet of Things” in 1999. Now you hear it talked about everywhere. A recent article on Information
Week underscores the importance of this development: “Organizations need to plan for the new generation of Internet-enabled devices that may be located
anywhere in the world.”

The pace of development has been dramatic. In a little over a decade, The Internet of Things has gone from a concept in Cambridge to a business reality spanning the globe. The Cambridge Auto-ID lab explains how companies can benefit from this technology:

Put a tag— a microchip with an antenna— on a can of Coke or a car axle, and suddenly a computer can ‘see’ it. Put tags on every can of Coke and every car axle, and suddenly the world changes. No more inventory counts. No more lost or misdirected shipments. No more guessing how much material is in the supply chain— or how much product is on the store shelves.

The fact is The Internet of Things may be more transformative than the Internet itself, changing the fabric (literally, in the case of clothing with chips) of daily life.