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B2B Digital Marketing Trends and Developments

Date posted: April 3, 2013

Overview_heroJust before the turn of the year, Uri Bar-Joseph, director of marketing at Optify, published an article on marketingprofs.com that listed 10 trends for B2B marketing in 2013. Now that we’ve entered the 2nd Quarter, it seemed a good time to revisit these and see if they’re unfolding as expected:

  1. Digital marketing will continue to grow
  2. Digital marketing services will surge
  3. Content creation services and software will proliferate
  4. Integrated marketing will gain popularity
  5. Direct mail will make a return
  6. Big Data applications will emerge
  7. The immeasurable will become measureable
  8. Pay per click (PPC) will decline as budgets move to other
    paid solutions
  9. Marketing spend on software will increase
  10. Sales responsibilities will move to Marketing

From my perspective, he’s batting about .800. Based on interactions with my clients, the only trends we’re not seeing strongly are the return of direct mail and the decline of PPC. The digital impetus remains a barrier to the direct mail business, though the author tied the return to the use of online connections. That of itself says something about the dominance of digital in the B2B sector. As to the decline of PPC, I continue to see strong use of those tools, such as Google’s Adwords.

We would hasten to add another trend we’re seeing: the leveraging of existing content into ebooks. The rapid proliferation of digital readers and tablets such as Apple’s iPad are making this a logical move for many B2B marketers.

I’ve taken part in that myself, and if you have any interest on how this works and how to do it, I’d love discuss the subject with you.