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B2B Blog Content Masters – Part Two

Date posted: February 19, 2013

SaintvinceIn Part One of this post, we began to revisit a list of ten exceptional B2B content providers posted last summer by Meghan Keaney Anderson on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Blog. In this post, we complete our look back at content done well.

  • FireRock
    This manufacturer of pre-engineered masonry products for contractors and home builders is noted for its remarkable Pinterest account. Anderson lauds them for “clear understanding of the channel,” as well as geographic labeling that helps users of the site find examples close-to-home.
  • Cisco
    Cisco, the global provider of networking systems from routers to webinar software, has developed an amazing YouTube channel with videos and tutorials to help customers and prospective customers learn the ins and outs of network solutions. Anderson gives them high marks for a) practical advice and b) fully integrated content.
  • GE Aviation
    GE Aviation is using social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, to successfully engage its audience. Notes Anderson: “Part of the strength of their social content is that there is a clear back and forth between the content created by GE and the content contributed by its followers. Every aspect of GE Aviation’s social content is about the community around GE— not just the company itself.”
  • Go to Meeting
    This webinar and remote meeting provider is lauded for making its Twitter stream full of valuable content. They have a number of team members dedicated to the social media channel.
  • VMWare
    This leading virtualization and cloud computing provider gets kudos for its exceptional community development— taking what can be highly technical content and translated it in a B2B-friendly way through its very own online community. VMWare uses the community to be a central hub for finding content, forums, and its existing social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

We began this post with a quote by Aristotle on excellence being habit; and with the hope that we might find some practice to emulate in the work of exceptional content providers.

That’s the upside of habit; the downside is that it can develop for bad as easily as good. “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit,” said St. Vincent of Green Bay. The lesson for content providers is not to give up searching for the interesting, or searching to find an interesting way to present what may seem everyday.

After all, every day contains championship content, whether we see it as such or not.