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B2B Blog Content Masters – Part One

Date posted: February 13, 2013

Bust of Aristotle. Marble, Roman copy after a ...Aristotle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Greeks had a few ideas about doing things well: “We are what we repeatedly do,” said Aristotle. “Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Much of what we do on this blog is communicate what we believe are good habits regarding business-to-business communications tools and tactics, but also to instill a habit of reflection on our own part. This extends not only to our own
practice, but also to those practicing in the same arena.

With that in mind, we point you to a post from last summer by Meghan Keaney Anderson on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog. The post celebrates 10 B2B companies that create exceptional content. According to Anderson, these companies “create killer content on a regular basis to keep prospects coming back to their website and engaging with their business.” She points to them as an example of how companies have compelling content within, and that the tendency to see one’s own work as ‘uninteresting’ outside the four walls is something that needs to be resisted.

We agree.

After looking at the sites acknowledged by Anderson, we think it worthwhile to revisit them here, as what they are doing might serve as inspiration for developing some good habits. Here’s five of her terrific ten:

  • Intercom
    Intercom, a customer relationship management and messaging tool for web businesses, is touted for its balanced blog. Each post is approached as a learning opportunity. Each post is data-rich. The blog is a good blend of product content and educational material. 
  • Deloitte
    Deloitte is a Boston-based consultancy with services that include audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax. Anderson cites them for their exceptional ‘how-to’ guides, which provide content in a range of formats and encourage open-ended debate on the issues at hand. 
  • Gild
    Gild, a provider of recruiting solutions for technology companies, is celebrated for taking a different approach in its blog and providing exceptional thought leadership content. They have exceptional focus on the problems they address.
  • Kuno Creative
    This enterprise inbound marketing firm receives plaudits for its exceptional e-book library. Says Anderson: “The library is already easy to peruse, but Kuno has also created quick links with search engine-friendly keywords like “Social Media Resources” along the sidebar. These small tricks ensure that Kuno’s content is more aptly found via the search box.”
  • Eloqua
    Eloqua is a marketing automation company, cited for its amazing infographics. One of the things that sets Eloqua apart is that they ensure that the visual display of the information they’re presenting adds value rather than just color. 

 In Part Two of this post on “kudo-worthy” content, we’ll bring you the balance of Anderson’s list of notable providers, who are lauded for an array of topics including social media, video, community development and more. In the meantime, for those who desire a little knowledge (which Aristotle would say is all of us), a little time on the sites of the providers above may prove to be usefully spent.