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Are Case Studies Still Relevant?

Date posted: June 11, 2009

The quest to gain a marketing foothold too often leads corporations down one or another Yellow Brick Road. In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, the impulse to rise like a towering Emerald City is understandable; but what Dorothy eventually came to understand–and what market leaders are leveraging today with remarkable success–is that the key to sustaining the most interest is typically much closer to home.

You want the world to beat a path to your door? Then show it the faces who have crossed your threshold.

Even today customer case histories provide strong, independent evidence of how a company's products and services are working in the marketplace. Companies use this tool in many diverse ways–Web content, media placement, white paper support, for example.

When a company effectively tells prospects about its most effective stories–why your product works, what they mean to those who use them, and how it's good business to be doing business with you–the marketing advantages are clear. This was true 20 years ago when I first began writing corporate case studies, and it is still true today.