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Date posted: April 12, 2011

Over the past four years, I’ve written dozens of case studies for The American Education Corporation. In the coming weeks, I will post a few examples of that work here. Today, I’m showcasing the success story at Carbon High School, which focuses on the use of AEC’s A+LS software in the district’s credit recovery program.



Date posted: April 7, 2011

White papers continue to be a mainstay in the marketing toolkit of technology-driven companies. This paper on Maintenance Management Software which I recently developed for a client, details the current issues in manufacturing maintenance. The paper explains how a business process management (BPM)-based maintenance solution can speed and improve the execution of vital maintenance tasks by codifying best practices and communicating them effectively across the extended enterprise.

Each year, I write approximately 25 white papers on a wide range of technical subjects for many of the leading technology companies in the world.

Date posted: April 5, 2011

When Content Was King

By Marty Weil

6a00d8341ca18953ef00e54f1859ff8833-800wi Take a close look at the magazine page (at right) from the early 20th century. Those are lovely long columns of gray type.

Back at the turn of the last century, a reader couldn't just skim the page for the highpoints. This content was meat-and-potatoes reading, not meant for anyone in a hurry or with anything else to divide their attention. It was produced when magazines were the king of all media.

The days when a single magazine page held three or four thousand words is ancient history. People don't have the time to read dense copy, and, even if they did, publishers don't have a large enough budget (or staff) to afford to produce it.

It's amazing to look at this page and think about how different the world is today, and marvel at how that change is reflected in something so mundane and simple as a single magazine page. This gray, old page does illustrate–in a plain but effective manner–how much has changed in the way we consume media as well as our expectations of what we receive from it.

Date posted: April 3, 2011

During the past several years, I’ve written a number of advertorials for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), including more than six issues of the Functional Safety News, a leading source of functional safety standards and performance requirements.

To see examples of this work, click on the links provided below:

  • Functional Safety News
  • Functional Safety Management
  • UL Functional Safety Listing Mark

I’ve also written about safety products, procedures, and OSHA standards for Rockwell International and Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Company.