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Date posted: February 7, 2011

Today’s medical device manufacturers operate under extremely high market pressures: within a commercial environment defined by high-risk, increasingly small windows to market, and strict government, regulatory, and standards requirements, makers of medical devices are asked to make new goods, more goods, and make them at ever higher efficiencies. I recently wrote a white paper for a well-known enterprise business software maker about how medical devices manufacturers successfully perform this delicate balancing act by using software tools that enable them to electronically collaborate with doctors, clinicians, and engineers in the design and marketing of their devices.

The white paper examines how medical device manufacturers can use new, advanced software solutions to track material movement through the supply chain, simplifying safety and health compliance, and lowering costs in clinical trials. Like many of the the white papers I write for companies, this one was written as a proprietary document and not available for distribution outside the purview of the client.