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Date posted: September 8, 2010

Another in the series of podcasts that I'm producing for SRI has been posted on the company's website. The topic of this podcast is online gaming and virtual worlds (VW). 

In the podcast, recorded at 2Bruce Studio in Asheville, NC, John Murry explains how researchers are studying VW environments–not just to help enhance the entertainment value of games, but to increase their effectiveness as tools for teaching and learning, professional training, and collaborative work.

I discussed the global usage of online gaming systems with Dr. Murray in one of the most fascinating podcasts that I've had the pleasure to produce, direct, and voice for Silicon-Valley based SRI, one of the world's leading research and technology development organizations. 

Date posted: September 3, 2010

As a ghostwriter, I’m called upon to develop a lot of corporate white papers. One of the most recent examples is Taking Energy Management to a Higher Level, a white paper sponsored by Rockwell Automation. The white paper, which appears on the Managing Automation Web site, discusses the utility of Rockwell’s Economic Energy Optimization technology.

It’s a great honor to be asked to develop mission-critical white papers for world-class organizations such as Rockwell Automation.